Exhausted olive cake fuel pellets are a fuel consisting solely from olive derived biomass, free of any moisture, compressed into small cylinders 6 mm in diameter with no added adhesive.
It is suitable for most boilers and many biomass stoves.
The calorific value of our pellets is about 4780 kcal / kg.
High energy density and ease of use make this environmentally safe fuel suitable for use in any size automatic heating systems.
From the environmental point of view, the very low to negligible sulfur content is very important and that the fuel does not contain toxic compounds or heavy metals.
Also a very important element from both operational and environmental point of view (particulate emissions) is that the ash is about 3.5%.
Compared to existing fuel, such as oil, we find that it also benefits in individual areas such as low cost, ease of transportation and storage.
Exhausted Olive Cake pellets are cheaper than oil and electricity.