Exhausted Olive Cake

The exhausted olive cake is derived from the treatment of the olive-cake, after it has been dryied and its pomace oil is extracted.

Exhausted olive cake is an excellent fuel solution for biomass boilers. For many years, this solid biofuel has been the first choice for greenhouses, poultry farms and every major application of heat production (ceramics, limestone, etc.). Recently, biomass boilers find their way into domestic central heating applications as well as hotels and large buildings.

Its low price, about 1/5 of the cost in relation to oil, its excellent thermal yield (4,400 cal / gr), its net combustion (negligible quantity of sulfur (S) <0,06) and the fact that it is a renewable energy source, make it the most promising biomass solution for our country.

The product is available in 25kg bags and 500kg big bags, as well as in bulk.

Separated Olive Kernels